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Trellised Wall Set

Trellised Wall Set

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A set of walls with a trellis style.  These have a solid lower half, with a pseudo-seethrough upper, and could be utilised as exterior walls or interior walls (for example, to delineate areas in a shopping mall, or space port bar, and so on). 

The set includes:

- 2x Long Wall pieces;

- 4x Short Wall pieces;

- 2x Wall Connector pieces;

- a Door piece;

- 3x L-Connector pillars.

These are also designed to accept 2x1mm round magnets (sold separately), to allow for the modular nature of the walls to be fully realised - just attach the magnets and snap together to create barriers across your tabletop in a, well, snap! 

Alternatively, simply glue the pieces together to form a rigid terrain piece.

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