About Us

Why Choose SMFX Models and More?

At SMFX Models and More, we're not just another faceless corporation driven solely by profits. We're fueled by passion and love for what we do. Meet Stuart McCormick, the heart and soul behind our venture. As a dedicated wargames enthusiast and model maker, Stuart is not just a businessman but a devoted husband and father to two girls.

When you purchase models from us, you're not merely making a transaction; you're contributing to our family's well-being. Here's why SMFX stands out:

    Personal Touch: Unlike large multinational companies, we're not in it just for the numbers. Stuart's background includes a 1st Class Degree (BA (Hons) Model Design (Special Effects)) from the University of Hertfordshire. With experience in the film industry and a knack for designing and sculpting miniatures, Stuart brings a unique and personal touch to each product.
      Creative Expertise: Stuart's flair for design shines through in every product he creates. His love for the creative process ensures that each model is not just a piece but a work of art. When you choose SMFX, you're choosing craftsmanship and passion.

        In supporting us, you're supporting a small business with a big heart.

        Thank you for being a part of our journey.