Frequently Asked Questions

    What material do you use for your wargame terrain?

      We use an ABS-like resin to print out your models.  This is a stronger material than regular resin, and should be more impact resistant - that is not to say one should go throwing one's models around, but if they do happen to be dropped, the models should survive reasonably unscathed.  Also, in order to glue these products together, or to other manufacturers products, you will need to use superglue, or some other form of contact adhesive - plastic glue, as it is a solvent to bond plastic to plastic via melting the surfaces together, will not work on these products.
      NOTE: as this is a resin product, you will need to take precautions if sawing/cutting/filing/sanding to avoid inhaling the dust produced.  It is recommended you use a respirator for these procedures.

        Will I need to do much post-processing on my models when I receive them?

          As a result of the printing process, on occasion there may be layer lines or support marks.  We do not carry out any works on the models before sending them to you, BUT they are designed with printing and construction in mind, and should only require an minimum amount of sanding or filing to remove these layer line and support marks.

          Most of our models can be used immediately - eg primed and painted as normal with no extra work done to them.

            How long will my order take?

              We may carry a small selection of items at any one time, and if we have what you have ordered in current stock we aim to ship it out to you within a couple of days. 
              We endeavour to process your orders as quickly as possible.  However, this is a print-to-order service, so please allow at least 7 working days for processing during normal times, and possibly longer during busy periods (eg Christmas).  If there are any issues in processing your order, we will contact you to confirm this.
              Additionally, we only work Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm, so orders placed during the weekend may not be processed until the following Monday.

              What scale are the models you provide?

              That is a difficult question in respect of models designed for miniature wargaming, as there are no defined standards across the various miniature manufacturers. However, our models sit fairly well for wargames systems in the 28-35mm range (ie models standing at between these ranges).  As for an actual scale - they would be somewhere in the 1:55 to 1:63 ish range of models.

                Do you design the models you produce?

                  Yes, yes we do! So if we do not currently produce an item you would like, feel free to contact us and we may be able to accommodate you.