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Concrete Wall Sections

Concrete Wall Sections

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These walls are in the Brutalist style - designed to look like concrete barriers, these could be used in wargames of varying different eras, from modern day to the far future.

These are also designed to accept 2x1mm round magnets (sold separately), to allow for the modular nature of the walls to be fully realised - just attach the magnets and snap together to create barriers across your tabletop in a, well, snap! 

Alternatively, simply glue the pieces together to form a rigid terrain piece.


Dimensions (LxWxH):

- Long Section 102x7.5x55mm

- Short Section 52x7.5x55mm

- Connecting Section 54x7.5x55mm

- Ruined Section - Short 50x7.5x55mm

- Ruined Section - Short (Male connector) 47x7.5x55mm

- Metal Door 54x7.5x55mm

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